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Empowers you to escape from danger to safety
Protects against hazardous airborne matter including smoke, dust, biological, toxins, chemical agents
Is lightweight, highly portable and easily accessible
Protects eyes, ears, nose and mouth
Buys you the vital time to escape
Provides protection from heat and flames of a fire so you can escape to safety.

The European CEN has finalized its recommendations for Personal Protective Equipment ... [more]

For inquiries, please contact Technon

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Aventura, FL 33180

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Breath of Life™ Emergency Escape Mask:

     $44.95 USD  

Breath of Life™ Family Pack:
Special Promotional Offer for Families
Protect all your family members with our Family Pack.
For more information call us today * Limited to one Family Pack per order

Walls of Life™ Emergency Shelter is determined based on the size and complexity of the installation. Please contact us for a price quote.

FireFly™ Survival Poncho:
Adult size
     Not Currently Available
Child size
     Not Currently Available

RESQ-PAK™ Level 1
     Not Currently Available  
RESQ-PAK™ Level 2
     Not Currently Available  
RESQ-PAK™ Level 3
     Not Currently Available  

Volume discounts available