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Empowers you to escape from danger to safety
Protects against hazardous airborne matter including smoke, dust, biological, toxins, chemical agents
Is lightweight, highly portable and easily accessible
Protects eyes, ears, nose and mouth
Buys you the vital time to escape

Mask in action

The European CEN has finalized its recommendations for Personal Protective Equipment ... [more]

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Instructions for Use
The Breath of Life™ Emergency Escape Mask is easy to use. If an emergency occurs:

  1. Tear open the packaging by pulling on the red tab at the top of the packaging.

  2. Remove the mask and rubber bands from the packaging and place the rubber bands on your wrist. Make sure that the neck area is clear of hair, clothing and jewelry.

  3. Unfold the mask and place it over your head with the filter facing forward, so that the filter is in front of your mouth.

  4. Place both rubber bands over the mask and secure them around your neck to create a seal. Make sure that the seal between your neck and the mask is tight and that there is no hair, clothing or jewelry between the mask and your neck.

  5. pic5Escape to safety. Breathe normally, stay calm and immediately evacuate the danger area to safety.

Please remember that the Breath of Life™ is a one-time-use product. As such it must be used immediately upon opening, or discarded.

In any emergency, please follow the instructions given to you by authorized emergency management personnel.

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Breath of Life™ Emergency Escape Mask:

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